Science and the Bible

This meditation is taken from the calendar The Good Seed printed by GBV Germany. The date of the meditation is 30 June 2020.

“By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God”. Hebrews 11.3

One day during the year 1892 an elderly gentleman was sitting in a compartment of a train reading the Bible on his journey. Next to him sat a young student who was engrossed in a scientific journal. After some time the young man asked his neighbour, “Do you really still believe in that ancient book full of fables and fairy tales?” 

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The Deserter

This story is taken from a book called “Come Home”, based on gospel stories compiled and published by Christian Book Room in Kowloon, Hong Kong. I just thought to share this touching and true story with you in the hope that you will put your trust and faith in Christ as your Saviour, and, if you already know Him as Saviour, the encouragement to draw nearer to Him who is loving and gracious.

On a dark, gloomy day, toward the close of 1877, a pale young man might be seen writing wearily at his desk in a London office. The thick fog had penetrated within, and only by the help of gas-light was work possible. However, with its aid, the row of clerks toiled diligently on in dreary silence, until the one next to our friend, suddenly throwing down his pen, drew to his side and whispered, “I say, Joe, chuck us a half-a-crown; I’m hard up for one.”

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Soldiers and the armour of God

This meditation is taken from the calendar The Lord is Near 2020 Daily Bible Meditations. Author of this meditation is Tim Bouter.

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

Ephesians 6:10-11.

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Insights on books of the Bible with chapter 3:16

This short article, or more like some notes, is to draw attention to all the books of the Bible with chapter 3:16 and see some similar patterns, trends, or key words. We all know John 3:16 as perhaps the most well-known verse in the whole Bible. But how many of us know the other books containing chapter 3:16 and the messages that God wants to tell us? This is an encouragement for a good study on these verses. Perhaps some of the chapter 3:16’s do not make sense as to why they belong there, but God put it there to tell us something.

Scripture quotes are taken from the King James Version (1611).

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Overview of the Psalms

The book of Psalms is a very interesting and detailed book, composed of a collection of psalms and praises to God. It could also be called ‘the book of praises.’ Have you ever wondered that many of the children’s Sunday school songs and classic hymns sung in churches come from this wonderful book of Psalms? The Psalms presents to us some different perspectives and angles. One of these is the expression of the Old Testament believer going through trials, or seeing the wicked people seemingly succeed, or expressing their thanks and gratitude to God who delivers them out of trials and praising God. Another aspect is prophetic, and points to the Lord Jesus Christ. These psalms are referred to as ‘Messianic psalms,’ and are of most importance and significance for personal study. Comparing the psalms quoted in the New Testament is also a healthy study.

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Overview of Lamentations

The book of Lamentations is part of the major Prophetical books in the Word of God, and is referred to as the Lamentations of Jeremiah. It is basically an index to the book of Jeremiah. This short article is only intended to present a simple outline or overview of how the book is compiled in Hebrew poetry.

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Overview of Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy means ‘second law’, but it is not a second giving of the law, but a reminder.

It is the fifth book of the Bible, and the last of the books of Moses. The number 5 speaks of human responsibility. The wilderness is reviewed and instructions and directions are given in relation to the promised land.

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Overview of Numbers

Numbers is the fourth book of the Bible as well as in the books of Moses, and the number 4 is the number of the earth. On the fourth day the material things were created. There are four earthly kingdoms mentioned in Daniel.

This is also the “wilderness” book. The wilderness is a picture of earthly circumstances wherein faith is tested. 1 Cor 10:1-22; Hebrews 3-3. The book describes the wilderness journey of the children of Israel, with vital lessons for us to learn from in relation to our ‘spiritual wilderness journey’.

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Overview of Leviticus

The book of Leviticus can be very easily misunderstood if it is read, or not read, for the wrong reasons. Many of us, and I fall into this, upon finishing Genesis and struggling to get through the second half of Exodus, tend to skip Leviticus because at first glance it is just about a set of laws that God gave to the children of Israel if they were to approach Him. However, when we take a closer look at this book, it is not about us, but it is all about the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord unfolded to the disciples on the road to Emmaus the things concerning Himself in the books of Moses, and so on (Luke 24:27).

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Overview of Revelation

Many dear Christians find this very interesting book of Revelation extremely difficult. If we stick to the purpose of the book, it is called the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Rev 1:1) and therefore this book is about Jesus Christ as the King of kings and the Lord of lords. In the gospels, the Lord Jesus was presented as a meek and lowly servant, as stated in the Old Testament Prophets. However, the prophets also stated that He will come again and reign on the earth. We only need to look at the last book of the Old Testament – Malachi, in chapter 4. The apostles also presented Christ as the humble servant, but at the same time as the blessed Son of God. It is therefore no wonder that Revelation is the very last book of the Bible, and presents Christ in all His glory and majesty, and not as the meek, lowly servant. The purpose of this article is just to divide the book of Revelation and provide a brief outline for more personal study.

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