Taken from the Good Seed daily calendar, published by GBV in Germany.

Oh, that they were wise, that they understand this, that they would consider their latter end! Deuteronomy 32:29.

The lack of wisdom among the people of Israel at that time makes us think of the dreadful ignorance that is widespread in the world today. It is not a matter of a lack of intelligence, but rather ignorance as to what everyone really should know.

We are clever enough to estimate the effects of a decision made today for several years ahead of us. We are concerned about the security of our job. We make sure that we are sufficiently insured against fire, accident and illness.

Do we, however, take precautions for the end of our life? God informs us in the Bible about what we can expect after our life on earth. But who is wise enough to take God’s Word seriously and apply the effects of biblical statements to himself?

Our natural life will end one day, however, highly we may have insured it. And then? Have we taken the right measures for what comes after death? Do we know of God’s provision for the life hereafter? Some 2,000 years ago He sent His Son to earth, so that we should not face His righteous judgment and be lost eternally. Jesus Christ died on the cross , so that whoever believes in Him can spend eternity with God in heaven.

If you wish to be wise, listen to God and put your life in order with Him. Believe in the Lord Jesus, so that you are not lost, but receive eternal life.

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