Tabernacle Divisions

This is an attempted division of the Tabernacle, found in Exodus 25-30 as per the instructions that God gave to Moses when he was on the mountain for 40 days.

I used the aid of respected writers/commentators, along with clear sections/divisions in the Bible, the Word of God. This is to encourage a study of this wonderful subject, looking for Christ in these pages and divisions.

  1. Ex 25:1-9 intro & preparation for tabernacle
  2. Ex 25:10-22 the Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy-Seat
  3. Ex 25:23-30 the Table of Showbread
  4. Ex 25:31-40 the Menorah, or Lampstand
  5. Ex 26:1-14 the Tabernacle Curtains
  6. Ex 26:15-30 A Sure Foundation – the Acacia Boards
  7. Ex 26:31-37 The Veil and holy of holies (v 33-34)
  8. Ex 27:1-8 the Brazen Altar – the righteousness of God
  9. Ex 27:9-21 the Courtyard
  10. Ex 28:1-14 the Ephod (parts 10-13 are all one and form chapters 28 and 29, the ceremonial and consecration of the priesthood)
  11. Ex 28:15-30 the Breastplate of Judgment
  12. Ex 28:31-43 Clothed in Majesty and righteousness 
  13. Ex 29 Consecration of Aaron and his sons/priesthood
  14. Ex 30:1-10 the Altar of Incense
  15. Ex 30:11-16 the ransom money
  16. Ex 30:17-21 the Brazen or Copper Laver – washing
  17. Ex 30:22-33 the holy anointing of oil
  18. Ex 30:34-38 the holy perfume, or incense 

As stated, this is a division of the different items of the tabernacle, without giving any commentary on what these divisions are about. May God encourage a thorough study of these sections, and thinking about Christ will be of most benefit.

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